Thursday, November 12, 2009

Possibility by: Lykke Li. new song for The New Moon soundtrack.

If you know me, you're probably aware of my deep obsession and love for Lykke Li.  She's not only an amazing performer and artist but her sense of style is epic.   I've seen her perform four times, know all her lyrics,  and think she's one of the best female Swedish singers out right now.  This is her song for 'The New Moon' soundtrack.  Her sexy somber voice makes my heart weak and triggers emotion that is usually hidden from myself and others.  Blah, I'm getting all emo..I can't wait for her new album!

Here are some photos I took at Coachella 2009

Muse Ical .. Los Angeles, CA

So some how, some way, The Pacific Muse has turned into a melting pot of music, traveling, shopping, lifestyle and of course, a fashion  blog.
I go through phase, travel phase, boy phase, creative phase, work phase, love phase, loner phase etc. etc.  I've always been a music junkie but right now it's my main outlet.
I'm currently listening to Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros,  the new Zero 7 album Yeah Ghost,  Miike Snow, Florence and The Machine, Fever Ray, Architecture in Helsinki and much more that I can't think of right now.
I create playlists on,, and I find a lot of new artist on  I'm always up for learning about other online music sources and just recently a friend sent me a link to, which is a compilation of ten mixtapes, with ten songs created by ten people.
check it..

Monday, November 2, 2009

Nostalgic San Francisco Nights.. "Hellhole Ratrace" music video by Girls

This romantic slow motion take on San Francisco's hipster party scene takes me back to a very fun world I once called home.  I recognize a lot of faces in this music video including mine.  Director Aaron Brown shot this in one night, capturing the pure enjoyment of being young and having fun in San Francisco.