Thursday, October 8, 2009

My love will turn you on. The fascinating world of John & Yoko..

I've posted this video on my Facebook page but I love it oh so much that I had to post it again on The Pacific Muse. Off of John Lennons second solo album Imagine , "Oh Yoko" is written about his wife Yoko Ono and features Nicky Hopkins on piano. The video portrays a true love story between John and Yoko. It makes me believe that there's someone out there who can love you as much as you love them. The upbeat lyrics are a little cheesy, but good cheesy because this song always makes me smile. I personally love the part where John is styling Yoko for her photo shoot and when they're wearing large fur coats around the estate. The ending is kind of weird and awkwardly lengthened but you gotta love them for trying to be goofy. And mark my words when I say, one day I too will make a love story music video with my love..whoever he may be.

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