Saturday, May 30, 2009


Alright, it's been a while since I've updated The Pacific Muse, so I'm going to keep the comments short and sweet. I'll be updating more often since my life isn't overwhelmed with school. I hope you enjoy my street chic fashion photos.
~Jessy Anna Cain~

Once again, my ultimate Pacific Muse Evie*Metal won me over with her vampire heroin chic look. Mind you this was taken about four months ago at her bon voyage gathering, which was thrown by another inspirational fashionista Zana Bayne.

West coasts Sartorialist, Mr. Ryan Scott.

A magical day at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.

San Francisco "hipster" house parties are a gold mine for (some) fashion bloggers.

Vintage studded jacket worn by Jessica. Thankfully, Jessica and I are friends, so she wasn't too freaked out when I followed her outside the Matador for a smoke and started snapping photos of her dope downtown duds.

If you're ever making your way up to Northern California, take a Sunday drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and head to Sam's in Tiburon. The ocean front bar/resturante has an unforgettable view of the bay, the best Bloody Marys and a delicious crab sandwich, yum!
Ashley's wearing the "Sam Ronson outfit," which is perfect considering we just came from the Castro, however I must note that the "boyfriend jean" trend is partially inspired by Ms. Ronson's effortless laid back look. Of course the cherry red Hermes messenger bag must get a righteous shout out..pure envy.

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