Sunday, August 3, 2008

Step Back In Time__ The Castro, San Francisco

When showing off my blog photos to friends in L.A they were surprised to see how retro chic S.F. is. "You live in a different world,” yes, I do! Because people in S.F. don't take themselves too seriously when it comes to getting dressed! As an L.A. native, I know that most young women there dress very, very alike, but in S.F. there are NO boundaries when it comes to style. I found these two at Amber Room, her vamp lipstick; sparkly American Apparel tights and fedora will probably be featured as "What's Hot" in the next Elle. I believe having eccentric style is a form of art; it's a way to show a reaction of his or her personality to the rest of the world.


Sakkis said...

Hey, I know that artist on the walls. That bar'd be rad if either 1-they didn't allow smoking inside, or 2-I could deal with my eyes bleeding every time I hung out there

Anonymous said...
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